Hello there, my name is Michael Rowan, I am 23 years old, born and raised in Newcastle-upon Tyne, England. I have previously studied a BA in History (2:1 awarded in 2014) and an MA in History (2015 graduation), both from Newcastle University.

Despite being suggMA graduation photoested by several University course mates (you know who you are) for the past couple of years, I never took them seriously. My poor self-esteem and confidence held me back. I never considered my views to be important enough for a blog; I was worried of it being a flop and no one would read it as well as fearing I’d be laughed at for starting one. However, since finishing University last year, I have felt like I’ve been missing the sense of direction that researching different topics and compiling my research on subjects of my choosing into written work gave me. I have missed doing written work. So, I eventually decided that writing a blog would be the best way to keep my enjoyment of writing going.

The other purpose of this blog is that I have a medium to express my opinions on subjects, topics and issues that I care about without anyone saying, ‘You’re the only one that cares about this stuff!’ On this blog I will be presenting my own independent views and opinions on the subjects and topics that interest me the most:
• Football
• F1
• Politics


The legend himself...Alan Shearer!
The legend himself…Alan Shearer!

Since about the age of 10, I have been football mad. If you put Football on the TV be it in the Premier League, the Football League, Cup competitions, La Liga, Champions League, World Cup, Euros etc., I will happily sit and watch it! As many of my friends will know, I am a Newcastle United supporter. The first ever game I attended was at St James’ Park, a second leg tie in the old EUFA Cup against Valerenga of Norway in 2004 just after my 11th birthday; when the likes of Alan Shearer were playing for the club and Sir Bobby Robson was manager. Since then I have followed Newcastle ever since, buying the replica shirts and

And another legend, Sir Bobby!
And another legend, Sir Bobby!

making the occasional and sometimes exciting; others torturous visits to St. James’ in recent years.



In this section, I will primarily cover events at Newcastle United via reviews of matches/seasons to commenting on specific events and what I think needs to happen. Developments in football in general, be it the Premier League, the Champions League and internationals; they will all be covered from time to time in this section.


One of the other sports than enthrals me is Formula One (F1 for short). Now, some friends tell me it’s boring and is a just cars’ going round in a circle and I can see why they say that. In response, I say it’s at least shorter than test match cricket (no offence cricket fans but seriously, a test match can last 5 whole days, it’s way too long for me!)

Back to F1, my first memory of the sport was sitting in my Grans living room watching with excitement, asking myself ‘will he do it?’ as Jenson Button’ secured his maiden Grand prix victory at the Hungaroring in 2006. It is fair to say, I have followed F1 consistently ever since. Since that day, I have watched just about every race live (177 races across 4 different broadcasters and counting) and in that time I’ve watched many huge sporting moments. From Michael Schumacher’s retirement in 2006, his return and second retirement to the

The most dramatic moment, Lewis Hamilton securing the title at the last lap of the last race of 2008. There will never be a more tense championship deciding race than this!
The most dramatic moment, Lewis Hamilton securing the title at the last lap of the last race of 2008. There will never be a more tense championship deciding race than this!

rise of stars such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastien Vettel and (perhaps too early to say) Max Verstappen; I have watched them all. All truly memorable events but none as memorable or dramatic than Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 title, clinching it as he did at the very last corner of the Brazilian Grand Prix. In this section of the blog, I aim to produce reviews on each Grand Prix as well as special review posts at various points during the season!



Our health service and how it's funded is controlled by politics!
Our health service and how it’s funded is controlled by politics!

Another topic I have had my interest questioned by some is Politics. I understand Politics is not everyone’s cup of tea but politics is something that dictates our lives. People might think politicians don’t represent them and they have nothing to do with politics.

So are our train services!
So are our train services!

However, by voting in elections and referendums, you are involved in politics, by helping elect a government, you are involved in politics. Politics in the UK, for people in the public sector provides them with employment, politics decides how and who runs the railways, fund important lifesaving treatments and operations through the NHS, how your area is policed; I could go on! The point is, because of all of the above, I believe passionately in the importance of politics and will be passionately posting regarding it!

As well as supporting our Film industry; Star wars The Force Awakens is a more recent example
As well as supporting our Film industry; Star wars The Force Awakens is a more recent example

I would generally consider myself a Socialist in my political beliefs; though not Communist, there is a difference! Additionally, I am also a paid member of the Labour Party, a ‘ democratic socialist’ party as stated on the back of membership cards. I believe in being part of a Britain that promotes equality and where everyone has the opportunity to improve themselves regardless of their starting position in life, ethnicity, gender or religion. I also believe that we should tackle important issues such as climate change, poverty, terrorism to name a few as well as a political system in Britain with integrity; a political system where decision makers don’t have hidden off shore bank accounts or fiddling their expenses.

Anyone who is familiar with political blogs might think my views are similar to the political blog ‘Left Foot Forward’. These are my own independent beliefs and I will be portraying them as well as my opinions in my posts. I must stress that these posts are just my opinions and should never be interpreted as me telling you who to vote for! I will NEVER do that! However, the closest I will come is in encouraging those who have not yet registered to vote, to do so. After all, the decision of who you vote for and what you believe is yours and yours alone.

Prime Ministers Questions posed by Jeremy Corbyn
Prime Ministers Questions posed by Jeremy Corbyn

In this section of the blog, I will aim to do my upmost to provide opinions on important UK Political developments. Examples include my opinions on Prime Ministers Questions (PMQ) as well as big developments such as the upcoming EU referendum!

Final comment

Finally, I would like to thank you for reading this page and for visiting my blog. As I have set out, this blog is intended to express my opinions on Football, F1 and Politics. If you find something that you disagree with, by all means leave me a comment. Hopefully, we can experience many good debates around these subjects. However, as a disclaimer, any racial language will not be tolerated!