Breaking International Law for the sake of Brexit: Where on earth are we headed?

Personally, I think there are more important things to be discussing politically on here at present such as what appears to be out woeful efforts at combating and preventing the further spread of COVID-19. However, Brexit has reared its ugly head back into the public conversation recently and it prompts me to worry even more for the future of the UK. Why? Because a no-deal Brexit [Pictured above are Boris Johnson and Jean Claude Juncker last year; image from Business Insider] which last year which at the moment we appear to be heading for and which I would have labelled disastrous last year but to be coming to that scenario in the middle of a pandemic…I’m lost for words….

Why is it increasingly likely? The government brought forward the Internal Market Bill which aims to ensure that post-Brexit, the UK nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have the same standards and rules throughout. At first glance, that’s nothing contentious. It seems perfectly reasonable. However, the bill also says ‘Certain provisions to have effect notwithstanding inconsistency or incompatibility with international or other domestic law’ but also replaces parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement as elements of it “cease to be recognised and available in domestic law”. read more

The Far-right was out in force last weekend, our leaders are at fault, this cannot go on…

Never have I ever been as ashamed to call myself either British, English or Geordie after the scenes we saw over the weekend in what some of the media called anti-antiracist protestors descending in cities such as London [Pictured above with the image from Sky News] and Newcastle in quite frankly horrendous and embarrassing.

This was, in the immediate sense, in response to vandalism that had been seen the weekend before during the Black Lives Matter protests. The Churchill memorial had been vandalised (not for the first time), a statue of the slave trader Edward Colston as toppled in Bristol which prompted some councils to take discussions about the statues they have in their local authorities. The same Churchill memorial, as well as a host of others, had been boarded up in anticipation of another wave of protests. read more

F1 2017 Mexican Grand Prix Preview : Can Hamilton do it?

I have missed a couple of Grand Prix since commenting on F1 so I would like to start this post with a brief overview of what I missed in the Far East Double bill before delving into the second part of the America’s double bill; starting with Malaysia:

2800px-flag_of_malaysia read more

2016 United States Grand Prix Review: Lewis Hamilton joins the 50 win club to close the Championship gap to Nico Rosberg

Taylor Swift helped bring in a record level of attendance to the Circuit of the America's
Taylor Swift helped bring in a record level of attendance to the Circuit of the America’s with her first gig of 2016!

The United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the America’s was back to its normal self last weekend after the 2015 event was heavily affected by rain. Twelve months on, the race winner may not have been different but the mood seemed to be as artists like Taylor Swift and Usher brought in 266,889 spectators over the weekend. That was a record attendance for the circuit and there certainly wasn’t a blank space in the stands come race day.

The Race Weekend

Lewis Hamilton came into the United States known if there was ever a weekend to start clawing back his teammate’s advantage in the Drivers Championship, it was this one. He started it in mephitical style by finishing the first procure session fastest and 0.315 seconds clear of Nico Rosberg. The nearest challenger to the Mercedes pair was Max Verstappen in the Red Bull but was some 1.9 seconds slower. Roles were reversed between Hamilton and Rosberg in the second session as Rosberg finished 0.291 seconds faster. Hopes of a challenge to Mercedes in qualifying were raised in the final practice session on Saturday morning with Verstappen heading a Red Bull 1-2. McLaren showed progress as both drivers finished in the top 10 in second and third practice while 22-year-old Jordan King made his F1 debut by finishing 20th in the first practice; ahead of Jolyon Palmer and teammate Esteban Ocon. read more